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🎉 It’s Calendar Time SHAHS Nation, we know, a tad bit late, but hey, better late than never!! 🎉

The SHAHS 2020 calendar is finally available for order! The calendar is amazing, and features all the SHAHS cats, present and past.

Hero, Finn, Stitch, Lilo, Phebe, and all of our cats in foster, as well as our staff, want to sincerely apologize for the delay, but we ran into a host of obstacles this past year that caused us quite a number of problems. We didn’t want to open up orders until we knew the calendar design was completed, but we are finally off and running on all four paws now!

This year’s calendar is going to be a bit unique though, because it’s shipping so late, we designed the calendar to run March 2020 to March 2021, so you don’t pay for months that you can’t use! And, you will also be getting 13 months for the price of 12, and at the same price as last year, $22!!

As an additional apology from us we have decided to offer another bonus:

If you email us at SHAHSCalendar@gmail.com with your order/payment confirmation, we will send you (within 72 hours), a FREE digital file of March 2020 which you can use on your desktop or print at home!

As we appreciate all our supporters so much, everyone that orders 2 or more calendars can use the following codes to get an extra discount!

If you order 2 calendars use discount coupon code: BUY2&SAVE

If you order 3 calendars use discount coupon code: BUY3&SAVE

If you order 4 calendars use discount coupon code: BUY4&SAVE

Once you input your address, the total cost for shipping and handling will automatically be entered!

Hero, Finn, Stitch, Lilo and Phebe would like you to know that the calendar is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Since SHAHS is a 501(c)3 non-profit , it relies solely on donations. We simply cannot do what we do without you, so everyone here is sending out a big, “THANK YOU”!! It really does take a village to accomplish what we do.

The profits from the calendar serve many purposes. All of the SHAHS cats have medical needs, which require but are not limited to, frequent vet visits at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital (our specialty hospital), medicines, blood work, MRI’s, CT’s, X-rays, surgeries, shunts, and specialty foods for the cats in residence at SHAHS. Additional funds are also allocated for our grant program, which offers financial assistance to animals with confirmed or suspected Hydrocephalus as well as animals with any neurological disease or disorder. Grants can be used for consults or treatment with veterinary specialists, medications, diagnostics, hospitalization, etc.

Order Yours While They Last !! ♥

There is a limited stock of only 200 calendars as we are so incredibly late. HOWEVER if we sell out fast and there is still more interest then we will try to increase the number we order.


Fighting Hydrocephalus in Animals...

4 Paws At A Time

TIP: if you live outside of the US it MIGHT be cheaper to order your calendars together with another person to cut the costs... shipping within your own country will most likely be cheaper than ordering your calendars separately from us!

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